4th Grade Chapter 2 Fossils

Question Answer
This is a clue to the activity of an animanl that lived long ago. Trace Fossil
This is a clue, preserved in rock, about life in the distant past Fossil
A fossil imprint left by a plant or animal is called a… Mold
If minerals fill a mold fossil and then harden, this forms Cast
This is a gas made up mostly of methane Natural Gas
This is a soft brown form of coal Lignite
This is another name for crude oil Petroleum
This is a hard black form of coal Anthracite
A soft brown material made up of part;y decayed plants is called… Peat
This is a fairly hard dark brown or black form of coal. Bitumonious Coal
This is a fuel such as coal, petroleum, or natural gas that formed in Earth from decayed organisms Fossil Fuel
What type of rock would you mosetly likely find a fossil? Sedimentary
What would be an example of a fossilized dinosaur footprint? Trace Fossil
When woody material in a tree is replaced with minerals, the tree becomes… Petrified
What are some examples of fossil fuels? Natural gas, oil and coal
What could you infer about an animal from a fossil of its jawbone? You can tell if it ate meat or plant. You can also tell how big the animal may have been.
Would you be likely to find a fossil in igeous rock? Explain. No. Because it's too hard. Fossils are found in sedimentary.
Explain why some animals and plants became fossils and others did not. Because in order to become a fossil, the animal or plant needs to be buried quickly. If it isn't then it doesn't become a fossil
How does recycling plastic conserve fossil fuels? When you use less plastic, they don't have to make as much and they use fossil fuels to make plastic.

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