NGK® – Iridium IX™ Spark Plug

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Product Details:

Iridium IX™ Spark Plug by NGK®. Designed for performance enthusiasts who want extreme ignitability, improved throttle response and superior anti-fouling, these spark plugs are a great option for modified engines and appropriate replacement for OE spark plugs, where recommended. With a 0.6 mm laser welded iridium tip and taper cut ground electrode, these plugs provide more area for flame expansion for quicker starts, improved performance, and better efficiency.


  • Designed for outstanding acceleration, high fuel efficiency, and durability
  • Ensure a consistently stable spark
  • Extremely high melting point, perfect for today’s high-tech, high-performance engines
  • Extremely resistant to heat, corrosion and electrical wear
  • Match OE fit and quality
  • 0.6 mm laser welded iridium tip
  • Tapered ground electrode
  • Manufactured using triple-gasket sealing process to prevent leakage through the shell
  • Alumina silicate insulator for strength and optimal heat transfer
  • Cold-rolled threads for easier removal and installation
  • Corrugated ribs eliminate misfire causing “flashover”
  • Trivalent metal plating
  • Last 40 to 50 thousand miles

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