ACDelco® – Specialty™ Spark Plug

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Product Details:

Specialty™ Spark Plug by ACDelco®. Designed for today’s most popular autos, as well as several marine applications, ACDelco’s Performance Platinum Spark Plugs
fit engines using conventional plugs, as well as newer vehicles requiring platinum performance.


  • Ribless insulator that improves the plug-to-boot seal.
  • Tapered center wire electrode with a platinum pad reduces the firing diameter and helps improve the firing efficiency by concentrating and directing energy needed to fire the plug with less voltage.
  • Solid state suppressor with two-piece glass and brass seal helps reduce radio frequency interference, meters spark plug energy to help provide long electrode life and seals against compression leakage.
  • Reduced sparking voltage.
  • Greater corrosion protection.
  • Longer life and improved efficiency.

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