Denso® – Double Platinum Spark Plug

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Product Details:

Double Platinum Spark Plug by Denso®. OE Recommended Platinum Plug – Long Life Platinum Plug with Taper Tip & Patented U-Groove Design. Ultimate Endurance and Power, 0.4mm Iridium and 0.7mm Platinum Twin-Tip Technology. Denso Double Platinum plug features platinum on both the center and ground electrodes. This precious metal fights corrosion and erosion, ensuring superior spark performance and maximum spark plug life capable of extended operation in excess of 60,000 miles.


  • Platinum center electrode
  • Platinum ground electrode
  • Premium shell construction with machine-rolled threads
  • Sustained spark performance over 60,000 miles
  • Reduced secondary required voltage, increased ignition efficiency
  • Satisfied customers, reduced shop comebacks

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